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Designer by profession since 2011;
bachelor's degree in Informationdesign.

Currently living in Salzburg, Austria.

Up until last year I have been a citizen of Graz, Styria for 16 years. Born and Raised in Leoben, Upper-Styria.
Broad range of design-interests including graphical and illustrational techniques,working in 3D space, typedesign, conceptual work as well as storytelling.

Also available for freelance-work.

Download CV (german)
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Questions? eMail me!

To see more work in the area of moving-images just check out my Vimeo-Channel

Professional _

Currently employed as a Senior-Motion Designer at Red Bull Media House.

From 2013 up until 2017 part of the Motion-Design Studio Mindconsole working as Motion-Designer, 3D-Specialist and Concepter.

In early 2013 internship at Mutabor (in their former branch office in Graz). Mostly worked on User-Interfaces, UX and UI-Animation.  

In 2011/12 attempted self-employment with two fellow designers. Project was called schubkraft.

Personal _

I mostly enjoy the simple things.
I’ve been a singer for 15 years now - mostly in the area of Rock-Music, Post-Grunge and Progressive. I also have a good basic knowledge about songwriting and harmonies.

Cooking is a big passion. Do you need somebody who is good at preparing oriental, indian, mediterrean or traditional austrian dishes? You found your man!

When setting my body in motion it is most often in a swimming manner. I could be convinced to play more Tennis if I find a patient counterpart.

I still do some gaming and when I do it’s mostly Virtual Racing or Strategy.

And last but not least: I love cleaning my flat. Completely clears my mind.

+43 0650 733 83 73

Gartenstraße 32/6
(AT) 5071 - Wals-Siezenheim

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